Fish larvae



NutraMicro fish larvae weaning diet based on cold extrusion method which results in a semi-moist weaning diet. Due to its physical and chemical properties, NutraMicro is easy to digest by the larvae. NutraMicro weaning diet can be tailored to any species requirements even in small batches.

NutraMicro particle size ranges between 200-800 microns.


The metamorphosis stage in fish larvae marks the transition to the definitive phenotype of all the body systems, such as; digestive system, visual and olfactory, skeleton, muscles, skin, pigmentation and behaviour. This transformation process from embryo to fully developed fish demands high physiological and nutritional resources from the larvae. Therefore, if larvae arrive at this stage in a condition that is not optimal, its chances of survival deteriorate significantly.

Stress caused by sub-optimal nutrition, bacteria, environmental conditions and other factors is believed to be an important factor affecting larvae survival. It can lower immunity, which leads to increases in susceptibility of fish, prawn and shrimp to various specific and non specific infections.

Nutra-MetaEnhance, a unique combination of natural herbal extracts, reduces stress, improves immune response (immunomodulator) and helps in adapting to adverse environmental conditions.

  • Higher larval survival rate by hepato-pancreas protection
  • Effective feed utilisation through improved conversion rates
  • Prevents stress-induced viral and bacterial infections
  • Promotes growth for higher body weight gain
  • Natural and safe with no side effects for shrimp and fish
  • No risk of emergent antibiotic resistance
  • Free from toxic chemical residue
  • Works in fresh and salt water
  • Environmentally friendly for broader spectrum use

Reduce stress and increase survival and growth during metamorphosis stages, grading and weaning.